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Letters to the Editor

Nana’s letter and testimony:

The other night I thought I was dying. Shorter breath was coming. I was so peaceful and I prayed for my great-grandchildren. I wanted Jesus in their hearts, my Savior, Jesus. Most important in their lives is to have Jesus. Our Savior, and His Father God in their lives. I took some deep breaths. I know Jesus wanted me to live so I could write you a letter about how I feel about Jesus and how He is so important to you. You live forever and forever after you die. When you die you have a heavenly home. So you live a life, an example here on earth for Jesus. I will be happy. Praise the Lord!
My testimony:
When Mark Lambert came to this church, he was a young pastor. He said to me, “Elia, do you know where you are going when you die?” I said, “I hope to go to heaven.” I should have said, “I know I’m going to heaven.” Mark said, “you’re not a Christian.”
I knew the Bible stories but Jesus wasn’t in my heart.
You can know all the Bible stories but until you turn your life over to Jesus, you can’t go to Heaven. Mark was right; he led me to Jesus. I KNOW I AM GOING TO HEAVEN TO SEE MY SAVIOR, JESUS AND MY FATHER, GOD. I am forever grateful to Mark. He told me the truth.
Elia “Nana” Miles,
who will turn 95 years young on October 28th!

Submitted: 10/09/15
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