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Letters to the Editor


I came to Loyalton when I was two weeks old in a Model A Ford - August 1928. We came down Smithneck Canyon. I don’t qualify as a Johnny Come Lately like most. I lived thru the good old days in Loyalton. Now the days are for the birds and their fine feathered friends Keep It Same-Ol Same-Ol Kalifornia. As an eye and ear witness of a presentation to El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Keep It Same-Ol Same-Ol Kalifornia’s part was very dull to say the most. Jefferson’s Terry Rapoza, Mark Baird and El Dorado Sheriff John D’Agostini came on strong with much support from the 500 plus present. Same Ol Same-Ol came up with the short end of the stick.
There are too many government regulations nowadays. Common sense in government is in short supply, driving people out of business with their laws. I believe we can better ourselves with the State of Jefferson.
We Jeffersonians are looking for representation in two places: Jefferson as a state and our supervisors the other. Some of our supervisors may have fallen in the old Trap - Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts, My Mind is Made Up. Many may not know we are collecting signatures to bypass the supervisors to get a seat at the table in Sacramento. Bet you did not know your young-uns can sign The Declaration. After all it is their future. Talk to them about Jefferson. Eight other counties have already signed up.
We have no representation - 144 from Sacramento to the Mexican border. Six from Sacramento to Oregon border. These are not good odds I would say. Keep it Same-Ol Same-Ol is not doing squat to get representation. Evidently they like being told what to do by the L.A. crowd.
With Jefferson what better way to rid ourselves of L.A. and Senor Brown with his Lionel Choo Choo, Fire Tax and New Gas Tax. Candy stores, pockets full of Green, and the outrageous retirements won’t evaporate with Jefferson as those in the know tell me.
If California is such a Garden of Eden, apples full of worms, why are so many leaving for greener pastures elsewhere? Could it be the regulations, taxes, or possibly the mother-in-law? I would leave too if I was not so tied down and would need a freight train to move my junk.
Don’t be a sissy hold out scared of change - change is good.
Shouldn’t you change the oil in the old flivver? Get on the band wagon and toot your whistle and blow your horn for the New State of Jefferson.
Past Time for 51.
Lecho Blanco, alias Lynn White

Submitted: 10/09/15
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