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RE: Open letter to the County Sheriff

FROM: We the People; www.PoweroftheCountySheriff.com

TO: County Sheriff; (3133 counties)

COPIED: All State Court Judges/Magistrates; U.S. Congress [435]; U.S. Senate [100];
Assemblymen [50 States]; Senators [50 States]; Governors [50]; Federal Special Agent in Charge [94]; U.S. Marshal [94]; Joint Chiefs of Staff; State Militias:

RE: Open letter to the County Sheriff

Dear Sheriff;

Do you know your Constitutional Duties? Do you understand that the County Sheriff is a Constitutional Officer, elected by the People, bound by oath as guardian of the Peoples’ unalienable rights secured by the Constitution? Do you know the Constitution is the Law of the Land? Do you know that if the Sheriff is ignorant to the Constitution, “which is common law,” it would stand to reason that he is in violation of his oath, not comprehending when judges and other servants violate the Law of the Land, and thereby technically guilty of treason?

Do you know that the duties, responsibilities and authorities of the Sheriff cannot be diminished by those in the legislature, courts and state constitutions? Do you know that being a constitutional law enforcer means you are to be looking for and understand when elected, appointed and hired servants violate their oath of office by abusing the People, and that it is your duty to protect the victim?

Do you know that the Sheriff is the “Chief Executive and Administrative Officer” of a county, his principal duties being to aid in the criminal and civil courts of record [common law courts]; such as serving process, summoning juries, executing judgments, holding judicial sales and the like; and that he is also the chief conservator of the peace within his county? Do you know that you are not to be looking for code violations by the People but for constitutional violations by elected, appointed and hired servants?

Do you know that when federal agents come into your county to execute a warrant that they are to notify you first and show documents proving due process has been met and that without such documents it is your duty to prevent the execution or you would be a co-conspirator? Do you know that it is your duty to arrest federal agents that execute unlawful warrants that violate due process? Do you know what due process looks like? Do you know that most federal warrants do not meet due process and that makes you co-conspirator?

Do you know that you should have direct contact with the Grand Jury and that you should not seek approval of the prosecutor or the judge and that it is your duty to seek an indictment from a Grand Jury? Do you know that when a prosecutor or a judge interferes with your relationship with the Grand Jury or attempts to stop your pursuit of an indictment that, that is felony rescue and that you should arrest the prosecutor or the judge for the same or you would be guilty of the same?

Do you know that if a prosecutor or a judge try’s to block you from seeing the Grand Jury that you can call twenty-five (25) People out of the phone book or any other list of People within the county and have them meet you at the courthouse to consider an indictment and that if thirteen (13) or more agree you have your indictment? There is no magic in calling a Grand Jury any twenty-five People within your county will do.

Do you know that the judge and the prosecutor by monopolizing on the calling of the Grand Jury, controls who gets indicted and who doesn’t and that, that puts them above the law and eliminates you out of the process altogether and by allowing this to happen you violate your oath? How many times do we hear Sheriffs say, “I cannot arrest a judge without first getting the prosecutor to agree otherwise the prosecutor may refuse to prosecute”; so, if the Sheriff needs to ask permission, he’s not the Chief and he passes his duties to others, and any Sheriff that does that is in violation of his oath.

Do you know that Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming have no law requiring pistol owners to have a permit to carry? Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virginia, according to the NRA are considering bills in current legislative sessions to end permit requirements. The United States Supreme Court quoting the rules of criminal and civil procedure said: “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner concealed on or about the person is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th Ed., Vol.2: Judy v. Lashley, 5 W. Va. 628, 41 S.E. 197. How can the Sheriff participate in gun control?

The Bill of Rights Amendment II states “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Do you know this Amendment protects two unalienable rights, both of which articulate the right of self-defense, one personal, the right to protect your-self from another individual shall not be infringed and the other to protect our-self from a rogue government, shall not be infringed? Some may say the right to keep and bear Arms is for the militia; this makes no sense because We the People are the militia, nor are We the People willing to give up an unalienable right to be able to defend ourselves.

Therefore if the Sheriff does not protect the right of the People to keep and bear arms he is in violation of his oath and subject to removal from office by the People through indictment. The real test of the Sheriffs Constitutional fortitude in states that require permits is; is he going to protect the People from rogue statutes and bureaucrats or compromise the Law?

Do you know that all arrest or seizure warrants must have a wet ink signature of a Federal or State Judge (not city, town or village) and supported by an affidavit by the injured party and that without these two requirements cannot execute the warrant and to do so would make you a co-conspirator and in violation of your oath?

Can you discern when the Peoples rights are being violated, when was the last time that you or your deputies arrested an elected, appointed or hired servant for violating their unalienable rights? We watch video after video on you-tube of rights being violated and the Sheriff is not making arrests, why? Do you know when a video of police brutality, especially when death occurs, turns up on you-tube or the news that the Sheriff can call the Grand Jury and get an indictment, even when the corporate authorities won’t?

Why do federal agents file papers without due process in all 3133 counties across America and the Sheriff does nothing?

Why do city, town, and village courts, who do not have subject matter or personam jurisdiction, deliver People to the County Jail and you accept them, when there victims did not get due process as required by the Constitution? Do you know the difference between Law and statutes?

If you did not know about these things before you know about them now and if you are not bold enough to learn and perform your duties you should resign immediately. America is a nation that depends on Law and Order to survive and it is the Sheriff that is the defender of Liberty without which we would have no Liberty and I dare to say in the courts We the People have lost our Liberty because the Sheriff does not know the law.

And finally do you know that by remaining ignorant to all or any of these things you are part of the problem and you are in violation of your oath and susceptible to arrest when justice finds its way back into the courts and it will find its way. If you would like to learn and understand these things and more go to www.PoweroftheCountySheriff.com and we will show you the laws that will empower you to secure Liberty on your watch.

Thank you for your time

We the People

Submitted: 09/09/15
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