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Wildfires need Supertankers and strange chemical spraying

Letter to the Editor:
Thinking further about all the wildfires we are experiencing, I’m reminded of a news report I read some time ago stating that a terrorist who had been caught trying to blow up the New York Subway said that his instructions were, “If you can’t blow up the Subway, just go to California and start wildfires.” Further, it has also been reported that Al-Qaeda has developed plans for a global conflagration of wildfire so big as to affect the weather worldwide. In view of such terrorist strategy, we should deploy a fleet of supertanker waterbombing aircraft like the DC10 and Boeing 747 types that can drop up to 21,000 gallons of water or fire retardant that will stop wildfires almost immediately in our country and around the world. (We have two of these supertankers already in America.) For more information, see: Evergreen Supertanker on the internet and reports of CIA weather control activities, etc, at Alex Jones’ (infowars) on the internet, and also the John Birch Society at jbs.org and 1-800-JBS-USA-1 regarding conspiracy. Also see: What in the world are they spraying? (about strange high altitude chemical spraying from aircraft possibly for weather control) I think it’s apparent that the globalist big-money boys are using terrorist methods such as wildfire, and weather-control by their CIA lackeys to force our government and others into a police state and we shouldn’t allow it. We should use supertanker waterbombers to eliminate our wildfires immediately and also thoroughly investigate the CIA before it’s too late.
Ed - Landers, CA

Submitted: 08/13/15
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