Letters to the Editor

State of Jefferson movement

Jefferson supporters in Sierra County are circulating a petition for support. The reason we are doing this is to get better representation for our beautiful rural county. As it is Southern California is telling all of us what to do in a one size fits all.
They have no idea of what it is to be rural. They pass regulations that do not fit us. Businesses especially have been hit hard by these requirements. They are closing our small businesses and shutting down our small rural communities. Do we want all of Sierra County to be a ghost town with no store, no restaurant, no gas station, no pharmacy, no newspaper!
With the State of Jefferson we could have representation and a voice in what is decided for all rural Northern California. Why don't you give it a chance to go forward? Please sign Sierra County Support Statement so we could have a place at the table in Sacramento. We know this is not going to be easy but bad things happen when good people do nothing. Do not let this happen to us. Please sign the support statement - committee members have them and there is one at White's Sierra Station.
Bonnie White,
Sierra County Resident since 1952

Submitted: 08/13/15
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