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Take Action!

Letter to Editor:

If you’re unhappy with the way you’re being treated by the State of California, you’re not alone. Instead of complaining, take action now! Look at the farmers who planted crops only to have the water cut off, the ranchers who are being forced to reduce their herds, and the organic farmer worried about a swat team showing up because they sell raw milk. Think about the dredge miners who were forced off their legal claims or a timber operator who can’t harvest timber from our ill-managed forest land.

Are you a business person who is struggling or lost your business to overregulation? Maybe you’re a truck driver who was forced to change your truck engine by CARB, a homeowner who has been paying the increasing $150 Fire Prevention Fee (tax) only to find out that your fire insurance is being cancelled, or a citizen paying for a high speed rail that will never come to a county near them.

Tired of being overtaxed, overregulated and not represented in Sacramento? Join our peaceful revolution known as the State of Jefferson. It’s time for the 20 Northern Counties of California to form the 51st state.

Please write, call, or email you’re representative on the County Board of Supervisors and share your stories. Ask them to pass a Declaration of Separation. This will make your county a participant in the redress of grievances against California. The county can withdraw from this at any time. There is no risk. Eight counties have already gone through this process.

We have a chance to make Northern California a better place to live for our children and grandchildren.

If your Board of Supervisors will not listen to you, the citizen for whom they work, then sign the Statement of Support for your county. With enough signatures we can go to Sacramento without the supervisors.


Julie Osburn

Sierra County Resident

Submitted: 08/01/15
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