Letters to the Editor

July 2nd letters

A very special thank you from our family:
The other night one of the branches on our tree cracked and fell onto the highway. After a few phone calls we were fortunate to have some very hard working people show up to close down the highway and
help to make sure the remainder of the tree was safe for our neighbors, community and family. This step included having to safely remove more of the huge tree.
We extend our heart felt thank you to the following
people that came out to help Dakotah and Joe with such a large task; Chet Mitchell, Brooks Mitchell, Jason Wardrobe, Colby Russell, Devon Graham,
Jake Marsh and Officer Concannon. (Hopefully I listed everyone that helped.) If I missed anyone I apologize. Without the hard work and dedication from all I am not sure how we would have completed the clean up so quickly.
Our family is grateful for all of the help!
Thank you all once again,
Tommi, Dakotah, Joe and Ellie

Dear Jan,
Recently California passed a law that requires motor vehicles to give a bicyclist 3 feet when passing. I find this not only dangerous, but down right ridiculous considering most of them (I said most, not all) ride double if not triple and are less than courteous when I encounter them on the road.
On Sunday, June 15th my family and I set out towards Packer Lake. Half way between Sierraville and Sattley we encountered a large group of bicyclists. Not only were they riding three across in our lane but they had a pace car stopping and filming them right in the middle of Highway 49 with traffic coming in both directions. It seems silly to me that these people on these bikes think nothing of it. These large groups of bicyclists who choose to ride however they please are putting my family, other motorists and myself in danger by requiring me to cross over the center line of the road in order to avoid someone riding a bicycle.
This valley holds many bicycle events for fundraisers and other purposes that I myself have volunteered for. I am in no way against bikers, in fact I ride six-mile stretch at least twice a week on my own bike, but I am vigilant and respectful as I know there is no shoulder on that road to ride safely when a car is coming my direction.
The bottom line is that the fight between bicyclists and motorists will never end, but the least they can do is show the same courtesy to motorists that we are required to show them and ride single file or pull off the road when cars are stacked up behind them because it’s too dangerous to pass. It’s time to use common sense before someone gets seriously injured.
Best regards,
Nicole McCollum

Let’s Celebrate Freedom
People enjoy celebrating America’s independence. America’s freedom does not allow people to drive drunk. Ironically, it is one of our country’s deadliest problems.
A drunken driver hit me head-on in April of 1992 when I was 16. My education and active life in sports against other San Joaquin County schools ended.
This collision put me in a coma for four months, had paralysis and I had multiple broken and dislocated bones.
I spent seven months at two hospitals, and then had 17 months of therapy.
Although my crash happened over twenty years ago, my injuries challenge me daily. My hearing capability is damaged and I am trying to perfect my talking and walking.
My tough years made me strong. I am determined to keep drunken drivers off the roads in our golden state of California.
Californians, designate a sober driver at all drinking gatherings. This honorable driver drives drunken people saving lives and reputations.
Be a true American and follow the laws everyday: Do not drive drunk!
Lori Martin
Tracy, California

Hooray for the John Birch Society again (JBS)!
Upon reading all the discussions about climate change, I would like to report that the JBS’s flagship magazine, The New American, has its main article titled, “The Global Warming a Hoax?”… Actual temperature data refutes alarmist’s claims that mankind is destroying the earth,” printed in the magazine January 5th. (See www.JBS.org).
Frankly, I’m relieved to see the society publish its anti-climate-caused-by-man position, as I have long
considered man-caused climate change to be one of the greatest scams in all of history. Although I feel the great majority of people don’t accept such drivel, the government and establishment continue to get away with their ”climate change” big lie to grab power over our private land , industry and country. We must stop this destruction of our country through contacting Congress before it is too late.
Paramount in our efforts to preserve our country is to oppose any new constitutional convention, know as a “con-con”, for short, by urging our state representatives to absolutely oppose any con-con, as our U.S. Constitution is the best in history.
Also, we should oppose any climate change legislation whatsoever.
From Ed Nemecheck
Landers CA 92285

The Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department has rescheduled its Barbeque and Dance to July 18, 2015. It recently came to our attention the firework display at the Graeagle Mill Pond is scheduled for Friday, July 3rd. We realize the Graeagle fireworks is an event most of our community enjoys attending and we would not want anyone to have to choose one over the other - rather, we would like everyone to be able to attend both events.
We encourage and invite all of you to join in the festivities July 18 which will start at 5 p.m. at City Park. The BBQ and Dance will be $10 per person to include a hamburger/hotdog and chips. Children under 8 will be free to the dance. Drinks will be provided for a small fee. If you participate and feel you would like to make a donation, the department would be grateful for your continued support.
We will have the silent auction as always and drawings for prizes throughout the dance. We have already received some great prizes from our supporters.
We have our eye on a used Cal Fire Model I Brush Engine that will really help to serve the community and we really could use all the support we can get. Each of these small fundraisers earns us close to a thousand dollars - added up, we could purchse this rig from Beckwourth Fire before the end of this dreaded fire season. Let’s hope we never have to use it though!
Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. The Department thanks you for your continued support year after year.
Sincerely, Robert DeMartini - Assistant Fire Chief
Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department

Submitted: 07/03/15
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