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Clio PUD a curtailment letter at first 100% curtailment,

To whom it may concern;
I live in a small community on the north eastern side of the Sierras by the name of Clio. I just received notice I cannot use my water outside because my Clio PUD received a curtailment notice from the SWCRB, and it makes no sense.
Please help us stop this atrocity!
1) Our source of water is a SPRING, not surface water, not below a reservoir; we are not diverting any water and not subject to this curtailment.
2) We have no alternate water supply. We are a volunteer run water district in a rural area without the resources to find another water source. There is no other water district in the area that we can connect with. Another water source is not an option.
3) No outdoor water usage increases an already high fire danger. Dry landscape is not defensible space which jeopardizes our fire protection contract with Graeagle Fire Protection District.
4) Curtailing our water use by 100% for users who are required to conserve only 25% is inequitable. This could cause us to not be able to maintain our homeowners insurance let alone our property values (which have just started to recover from the real estate meltdown) and would injure our community especially given the current fire danger we face.
5) We are using a minimal percentage of the spring’s water, the rest flows into the creek which contributes next to no water to the San Joaquin watershed. To shut down our spring would make the creek dry up. Our communities’ water usage actually feeds the Feather River more by means of percolation than us not using our water.
6) Living along the Feather River, as a community as well as the Clio PUD, are acutely aware of the water drought and conserve and monitor our water source well. We have good clean water from a spring that is only 2 miles away and is enough for our needs. The state water map shows the Clio PUD as of 1910, the old post office door says 1875. Many of us have vegetable gardens which are a necessary food source. Most of us are working people or retired with a few younger ones that have moved here recently.
7) This curtailment from everything I have been able to find is not legal. I believe everyone in this community would not voluntarily consent to giving up our water. The SWRCB is making a great case for THE STATE OF JEFFERSON.
8) The State needs to follow the 6 Ps of project management. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.


Rebecca Morrill
Cc State Water Resources Control Board, Brian Dahle, Ted Gaines, Jeff Engel, Portola Reporter, Range Magazine

Submitted: 07/01/15
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