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Letters to the Editor

Yesterday, the California Legislature passed a sham budget on a party-line vote. This budget, which was passed solely to ensure that legislators continue to get paid while negotiating the real budget with the Governor, was nothing but a dog and pony show brought to you by legislative Democrats.
While ignoring the need to address California’s $59 billion deferred infrastructure maintenance, or restore program-killing cuts to the state-run Developmentally Disabled Centers, Democrats voted to spend millions on pork with their “Aye” votes:

· $5 million for cosmetic repairs to the Tower Bridge in order to make it easier for Sacramento elites to host events on the bridge

· $10 million for a proposed Sacramento-to-West Sacramento “Street Car,” even though the project was just rejected by Sacramento residents

· $1 million for a public relations firm to conduct outreach about a law passed in 2014

· $700k for a sound wall for a Sacramento-area park

· $5 million for fish crossings

Will Democrats continue to represent California's families by spending their tax dollars on other legislators' pet projects?
Matthew Peralta
Communications Consultant | Press Aide
Assembly Republican Caucus

Submitted: 06/19/15
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