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Letters to the Editor

Wow! I just saw an expression of Free Speech on a t-shirt that rang my bell. Here goes: “I think a man with a helmet defending our country, should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.”
I love football, but that does not make a point. Cops and firemen wear helmets too.
It’s not so much that the pay rate is unequal for men in helmets, as much as the size of the imbalance. Not many cops, fireman, or soldiers sign multi-million dollar contracts.
Geez, if we paid cops what R.G.III makes, they might have a better attitude, and quit busting the innocent.
Well, yeah! But can any of them chuck a football?
Even a monkey knows what to do to a football, and makes more money do it, than a soldier see in a lifetime. Seems weird doesn’t it?
A. Feets

Submitted: 06/19/15
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