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Letters to the Editor

Dear Jan,
Am I wrong ?? As those of you who read the Booster, know by now that through your genorous donations, and the hard labor that my husband Craig, and Mike Buck and me, put in on re-modeling the old school kitchen, plus, with a little left over money, purchased, and installed the new floor in the auditorium, working on Sundays, to get it done in time for the "one man show" on Memorial Day weekend...
Last nite, I went before the City Council of Loyalton, asking permission to allow my little dance class we do on Sunday Eve's, the opportunity to "test" out the floor we work so hard to put in....just once. In their reply, they said we could use it for the price of $30 dollars, as that is what the charge is going to be for the use of the auditorium. Well, I don't make $30 a nite for teaching.....Am I wrong to think that after all the work we did, they would at least allow us one free nite ?? I'll bet we "saved" the city over $10,000 fixing the kitchen and auditorium, with your donations and our labor.....Am I wrong ?? They also said, they didn't want to show any "favortisium" by allowing me to use it free....Maybe I am wrong, but, I am pissed!
Thank you,
Annie Terrasas Fassbender

Submitted: 06/18/15
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