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Letters to the Editor

Don McKechnie

I can hardly wait for the State of Jefferson (SOJ). A libertarian paradise. No taxes and no rules. Gravel roads, no snow plows, no snow, 60 kids in a classroom, no public health, hungry kids going to school builds character, police and fire services limited to those who can buy them. Got cancer? You can pay for it yourself. We won’t need courts because we’ll have our own justice. Won’t it be fun, each of us navigating life without those pesky government busybodies keeping us safe and preventing grifters from running some scam on us. Toll bridges, yup. Liberty for the bridge owner. Industry will be able to dump their toxic waste in our waterways and endangered species won’t exist after a while. Who needs the spotted owl? I have heard the SOJ dreamers really think Northern California sends money to the Southern part of the state. I want what they’re smokin’. I do have one question. Who is funding the SOJ folks?
Don McKechnie

Submitted: 06/06/15
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