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Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor,
I have long admired Brooks Mitchell for his determined leadership on behalf of the Loyalton Community. He exemplifies community service. He has logged many hundred volunteer hours from coaching community sports to serving as mayor, and I would defy any of his detractors to claim even a half of his contribution. Yes I am biased. I have known Brooks most of my life and I’m 66. He is a friend. He has never let me down. He has faced tough challenges with grit and conviction, personally and politically. During his term as mayor, I have seen him turn his full and considerable talent and energy to improving the Loyalton Community. Even after the lack of support by his fellow city council members in extending his mayorship, I saw Brooks finding other volunteers to help him load, haul and unload, in his own pick-up, with his own gas, I’ll bet, a couple of tons of museum items to help the new museum. Class act.
And while on this rant, I’ll also extend a thank you to Craig McHenry. He has been invaluable straightening out Sewergate, and from my office window in the park, I can tell you first hand, he has logged another impressive number of volunteer hours for what is becoming a really nice city park.
And Mr. Welbourn, you and I have a different notion of friendship. In my book, friendship is a higher calling than politics. I’ll take you more seriously when I’ve seen you tote a few more boxes.
Mike Filippini

Submitted: 05/21/15
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