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Letters to the Editor


I read with interest the letter from Julie Osburn (May 7 Sierra Booster), regarding formation of the non-partisan Keep It California PAC. Sadly, her letter began with a dishonest premise when she stated that Keep It California PAC was formed to represent the interests of “all Republican, Democratic and Independent voters.” What she left off this sentence is “…who oppose separation from California.”

Ms Osburn then wastes most of the remaining ink on a smear of personal attacks that neither justify the radical step of forming a new state nor identify the specific reasons to do so. She offers no detailed solutions to the real problems that face rural counties.

What is our plan? Our plan is California. The mission of Keep It California PAC is to advocate for better representation of rural California and to oppose breaking away to form a new state. We believe that rural issues can be best addressed through cooperation. This effort to secede from California is creating unnecessary disruption and division, when we should be working together.

Ms. Osburn took great pains to point out that Keep It California PAC was started by democrats. We make no apologies for being among the first to stand up and say that the State of Jefferson is wrong for our counties. Prominent republicans have already stepped up to oppose the State of Jefferson and we earnestly invite others from any party to join us.

It was the early support of democrats in Del Norte County that sparked the campaign that soundly defeated the State of Jefferson with 58% of the voters rejecting this idea in the June 2014 election. Only 32% of the voters in our county are registered democrats and you can’t get to 58% without the support of republicans and other voters.

I believe that we found the moderate majority that exists in every county. Most people will not blindly follow ideology or emotion, but are capable of making rational and intelligent decisions when accurate information is provided. Keep It California PAC intends to ensure that everyone is aware of the risks and practical consequences of trying to form a new state, before such a declaration is made.

Keep It California PAC is offering a non-partisan platform to build and strengthen alliances across party lines in order to work together for the benefit of our rural California counties. In a state where politics are dominated by the Democratic Party, why wouldn’t you want to work with the democrats in your community, if that would improve representation of our rural issues?

We need our elected representatives to work for all of California, not just the densely populated urban areas. As citizens, we have a responsibility to tell them what we are for, not just complain about what or who we are against.

Kevin Hendrick, Vice Chair and Spokesperson
Keep It California.org
Crescent City

Submitted: 05/12/15
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