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City of Loyalton

Letter to the Editor:
I wish to take issue with the comments made by our now resigned Vice Mayor Miss Ferguson who’s decision to move on and outside the City limits, in her interpretation, perspective, support, protest and farewell in the Sierra Booster of Thursday April 23, 2015.
In the political arena of public office, when an elected or appointed figure in the performance of his or her sworn duty, lost or failed to keep control or allegiance/support in his or her position, in this case the previous Mayor Mr. Mitchell of which I consider a friend, (Politics aside), it behooves the community when nefarious activities, actions or issues handled, are NOT considered in the best interest of the office of mayor or too the community, they, the people voicing their opinion clearly for a long time wanting nothing but honest answers and resolve to questions and no realistic answers received on so many different levels, wanting no back room mayor-ing/shenanigans and the community deserving the respect from their official’s to which they felt they were not getting, put his tenor as Mayor in questionable light and jeopardy.
People were happy with Mr. Mitchell’s performance and leadership for a long time, however, in my opinion and the opinion of many in the community to which I have spoken, and by their comments were aware of the on-going’s within a certain portion of the City Council and in their words extremely apparent and inappropriate and something had to be corrected. As to how much they think they knew or actually knew including myself always makes for question or doubt. When one looks into politics, you listen to the people, sift out the garbage, innuendos, aspersions, nonsense and rumors, somewhere in between lies the truth.
It is also my opinion that somewhere along the way, knowing his limited authority, and power vested to the City Council, his and their decisions had become impaired, clouded if you will by what I consider poor guidance, poor judgement and overwhelming influence by someone or something in one form or another. Not to my surprise, I was not the only one in this community who thinks this way and noticing this change in behavior.
At best, a great deal of people became very unhappy with his leadership, direction, spending, management, judgement and decision making and that of the City Council as a whole. When one serves as a public figure being either Government or any other organization they should be held accountable and stand up and take the responsibility for their mistakes. In reality and being fair, Mr. Mitchell’s tenor in time as Mayor in office was soon and clearly coming to an end having served his terms and or considering the aforementioned in his removal? The action of Mr. Mitchell and the City Council were not only recognized by the local community, but the County leadership, again in fairness, some may have agreed, some may have disagreed, in either case they were very much aware and were not pleased with some of his decisions, actions or leadership. We all understand this is a small community and County, rumors are just that, rumors, they are anti-productive, unrealistic and can cause hardship and bad relation within the community and your elected or appointed officials. The people of Loyalton and the County are smart enough and figured this out on their own. Being a public figure is not easy, these and other issues and facts are the reasons in my opinion that got Mr. Mitchell in trouble within the Council and the community. Overwhelming support Miss Ferguson, he once had, but I firmly believe these actions WOULD NOT have taken place if he had listened to all Council members, people to which he serves in our community and moreover himself in his own ability to make decision and not have listened or possibly been swayed or influenced by people with bad judgement. Brooks untiring enthusiasm, love and support of this community has never been in question and to say the least, a respected family within this community. Regardless how large or small a City, County or Government entity, elected or appointed to office “It is a Government Of The People, By The people And For The People.” The bottom line, the community lost their trust, faith and leadership in him and that of the City Council under his tenor as Mayor of the City of Loyalton.

My best regards to them and to our new Mayor,

Michael H. Welbourn

Submitted: 05/07/15
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