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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing because I find it ridiculous that the "Keep it California" folks claim to have a "non-partisan political action committee." Per Cindy Ellsmore, their PAC was formed to represent the interests of "all Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters."
The reality is that at least 5 of their 6 board members are Democrats, and some of them think they have more to lose while standing in line for the California tax dollars. Those folks definitely DO NOT represent me or the millions of other Independents and Republicans!
Cindy Ellsmore, Campaign Chair of Keep it California, earns over $115,000.00 in a pension from CalPers. Her last job was as Auditor in Sierra County. Ms. Ellsmore has held multiple positions in the California Democratic Party Rural Caucus. She is also the Treasurer of High Sierra Rural Alliance, which has made a profitable business from suing Sierra and Plumas Counties. This is who we should trust?
Kevin Hendrick, Vice Chair of Keep it California, abruptly resigned from a $100,000.00 per year job as the Executive Director of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority (DNSWMA). Del Notre County is also one of the "welfare counties" of the North State - and yet they are paying over $100,000 per year to an employee? Mr. Hendrick left amid allegations that $29,000 was missing from DNSWMA funds (Mr. Hendrick was not a suspect in the matter). Also, there was heartache that much of $1 million dollars in grant funds that were supposed to help the county of Del Norte, actually went to an outfit that Mr. Hendricks was a board member of, and left the county to be spent in Sacramento. It was reported that during his tenure at DNSWMA, Mr. Hendrick received continued criticism for financial issues, including three years of budget deficits. Kevin Hendrick is also the founder and president of the Democratic Club of Del Norte. This is who we should trust?
Rob Rowen, Vice Chair of Keep it California, is part of the Shasta County Democratic Party.
Dolly Verrue, Secretary of Keep it California, is the Chair of the Democrats of Siskiyou County Central Committee. She is a proponent of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Larry Marks, the Assistant Treasurer of Keep it California, is also a Democrat.
These are the folks who say they have formed a "non-partisan" political action committee? They have already lied to us.
The State of Jefferson proponents are trying to make a change. Obviously California is broke: we owe over $340 BILLION dollars in debt with an estimated additional $860 BILLION in unfunded liabilities! Why does Jerry Brown continue to suggest new ways to tax us? Because California cannot live within its means: the system is broken and the State of Jefferson (or whatever else we want to call it) has recognized this and created an avenue for change and prosperity. Why would anyone NOT want to be a part of this and see where it leads us.
As Terry Rapoza said, "How do the other 49 states survive without California's money?" The State of Jefferson is feasible, viable, and the best chance we have to secure our liberty and freedom from overarching government.
Keep it California has done its best to try and discredit the State of Jefferson (though not very well in my opinion!), but has offered no other solution! Where is their solution? The State of Jefferson is the solution!
Take a look at www.JeffersonDeclaration.net and see for yourself.

Julie Osburn
Sierra County Resident

Submitted: 05/07/15
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