Letters to the Editor

Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department relies on the dedication and community support that their members offer our great community. LVFD recently lost some of their dedicated members due to retirements and moving from the area.
Recently Captain Mike McKee retired for the Loyalton Fire Department after many years of service. Many of you have seen Mike at our various fundraisers or perhaps even at the scene of an emergency. Mike was a crucial member of the Fire Department who brought a variety experience from previous fire departments in Southern California. Mike was always willing to help out with trainings, community service and making our town a safer place, he has been involved with many fires, rescues and medical calls. Mike will truly be missed and we thank him for his dedication to the department and community.
We have also been very lucky to have the help of an entire family within our department. The Belli family, which includes Kent, Veronica, Kyle, and Ryan Belli have been a crucial part of LVFD for the past several years. Unfortunately for our community the Bellis have moved from the area. It is common to see many family members or multi generations within the fire service who share the same sense of duty to help their community such as the Belli Family. The Belli Family will not be easy to replace and we thank them greatly. It is important to remember that all of these members and their families dedicate time to make our community a safer place. All volunteer members past, current and future have and will touch many of our lives with their willingness to give back to their community. We Thank All of You and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Shawn Heywood
Fire Chief, City of Loyalton

Submitted: 03/11/15
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