Letters to the Editor

Letters 2/12/15

If you think the health care industry is anyway associated with free markets (capitalism) you have never had severe pain, blood where there should not be blood, or a lump where you should not have lumps. When you are doubled over with pain you are not going to shop for the best deal because you want relief now, and even the folks (hospitals, etc.) that provide relief don’t know what things will cost until you have used their services. So the market does not control the price! Pain relief and avoidance of death does. That’s why the corporatists really like this system. They have us by the throat and they will never support a system that does not enrich corporatists. Remember the tobacco and liquor guys. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is not a government takeover of healthcare. Obamacare is a taxpayer intervention to pay the private sector the already inflated costs that they gouge patients who are suffering. Remember the United States pays nearly twice what Europe and Canada pay for their healthcare and those countries get a better result.
Don McKechnie

Dear Jan,
We understand that the current plan in play is to place the “old hearse” in the auditorium. Sam and I are both opposed to that plan. Why not just leave the hearse where it currently resides??
The auditorium, for most alumni we’re sure, is remembered as a very happy, positive place in that school. How “macbre” it would be to enter the auditorium and see the hearse sitting there!! Ugh.
Please, let’s leave the happy memories intact!!
Thanks for listening.
Sincerely yours,
Sam and Pat Snider

Hi Jan,
I thought you might be interested in this episode of Start Up, a tv show featuring successful start-up businesses. My daughter, Susan Richardson, started this company with a business friend from Ireland, Rowan Millar. Their company, MillarRich, provides services for adults with disabilities. You can view the show and information on MillarRich.com. I think people Susan grew up with in Loyalton will enjoy reading and watching her success.
When Susan was getting her Master of Science degree in Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas, she had no idea her life’s work would lead her to Nashville where she would start her family and, eventually, her business. The website for the StartUp program is: http://startupusa.com/episodes?category=0&episode=4 I hope you enjoy the viewing and the reading. — Diana Rouse

TO: Scott Schlefstein
Sierra County Supervisor, District 5

The expression, “may you live in interesting times” is considered a curse by some, but it also has a more positive connotation. No doubt we are living in an interesting age and of all the items in contention for the title of most interesting, we think the possibility of a new state tops the list.
We are in total agreement with those that say California is unmanageable. More importantly, we completely agree that the residents of the rural counties are getting ‘the short end of the stick’. Lack of representation, plus excessive and meaningless regulation exacerbated by an oppressive bureaucracy are the
grievances, which can be addressed in no other way than separation.
We are fortunate to have a group of citizens who have done the groundwork and have demonstrated that the State of Jefferson is viable. Creating a new state may be a bold endeavor, but it is one we think Sierra County should join. No half measures will do, only signing the Declaration and Petition to the California State Legislature will send the correct message to Sacramento and the nation…the time has come for 51. Gary and Karen Steingrebe
Sierra Brooks

Thank God for the John Birch Society for their ex-
posing of the fraud “man-caused” climate change, backed up by their weather statistics published in their magazine “The New American,” jbs.org that show, in my view, that the “man-caused climate change” propaganda is a complete fraud being perpetrated on us to “justify” government powergrabs over our property and freedom, including our Constitutional rights and we shall put a stop to it through Congress, now!
Ed Nemechek
Landers, CA

Submitted: 02/12/15
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