Letters to the Editor


Dear janice,

I had a fascinating Uber ride this week.

It started when my driver asked me what I did for work. After I told him I worked at a conservative think tank, I braced for impact.

To my surprise, this everyday Uber driver agreed with many of Heritage's policies. I know that because he proceeded to pour his heart out about how policy failures are affecting him.

Here's just a few of the things I remember him saying:

Will these illegal immigrants get the right to vote? They don't understand our country.
Why is all our money going overseas?
Why is there crime and drugs everywhere?
If I had to guess, this Uber driver does not consider himself a conservative and has never heard of The Heritage Foundation.

But he gets what's wrong with our country. He gets that D.C. elites would rather engage in human trafficking of illegal immigrants than advocate for Americans.

He gets that D.C. elites are more concerned with funding foreign wars than helping Americans at home.

And he gets that D.C. elites with private security don't care about rampant crime ravaging American communities.

This is why Biden's angry State of the Union rant that celebrated “the American comeback” fell so flat. He's completely disconnected from the bread-and-butter issues Americans struggle with.

But we're laser-focused on these issues and are fighting for the everyday American.

Right now, we're reaching larger audiences in states like Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin with our message. We're educating them on why conservative ideas are best for America.

And we will continue to create and promote conservative policy solutions that improve the lives of people like my Uber driver.

I'm so glad that normal Americans get what time it is in our country. It gives me great hope for America's future, and I hope it does the same for you.

Have you had any conversations like this where someone surprised you with their political beliefs? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Tony Johnson
Director of Membership


Submitted: 03/08/24
Article By: Sierra Booster