Letters to the Editor

Save Prop 13 / Stop the Tax Hikes

Janice -
As we are putting together the Save Prop 13 / Stop the Tax Hikes campaign statewide, many of our supporters have been shocked to learn what financial losses they will face if we don't win this fight in 2024. Consider just these 4 top tax hikes CA Democrats are pushing this year:
Property Transfer Tax – 4-6% of sale price of your home if you try to sell ($40-60k based on average home value)
Mileage Tax – $900-1400 annually for average of 15k mileage per year (on top of car tax and gas taxes)
Utility Rate Tax - $1,200 per year more for the “pay based on your income” scheme being imposed next year
Property Assessment – if they reset your home's value to market rate, the impact will be roughly $4-12k per year depending on when you purchased your house
I hope you realize that the financial losses to you and every California will be staggering if we lose this fight to save Prop 13 and block these and other tax hikes in 2024!
These are just the top four categories of taxes CA Democrats are pushing – we know there are a ton of other tax hikes they will pursue if they succeed in gutting Prop. 13 in 2024! That's why we MUST stop them!
Carl DeMaio
Reform California

Submitted: 10/26/23
Article By: Sierra Booster