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Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for your attendance and participation at the public meeting held on Thursday, August 18. The comments you provided are very important to us, not only as feedback, but also to alert us to wildlife area needs and issues to be addressed. A summary of written and oral remarks from the meeting is attached and we are making strides towards completing some of the tasks that were brought up, such as gate repair at the Badenaugh Unit and reposting Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) signage to inform users that OHV vehicles are not permitted on the wildlife area.

Other comments and feedback on potential management actions are being evaluated and will take more time to follow up on. We encourage you to be aware of the Land Management Plan that defines the CDFW Management Goals for the SCWA as well as the California Code of Regulations Title 14 Section 550 which lays out the regulations for all CDFW Wildlife Areas. These resources can be found online at the wildlife area webpage: https://wildlife.ca.gov/Lands/Places-to-Visit/Smithneck-Creek-WA.

CDFW is looking forward to working with community members to achieve solutions to the management needs of the wildlife area as well as to help lessen the risk of catastrophic wildfire. An advisory group for informing fire resiliency at SCWA is currently in the works. This will be a joint effort to carefully evaluate the feasibility and impact of each of the proposed solutions and will help inform our management decision. To date a charter is being developed and assembly of this group is anticipated in the immediate future. No decisions will be made without another public meeting.

We will continue to send update emails to those interested regarding activities taking place on the area and of future opportunities for public comment. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Mario Klip, Conserved Lands and Wildlife Program Supervisor for the NCR, at 530-258-7582 or Mario.Klip.@wildlife.ca.gov or Stacy Anderson, Unit Biologist at 530-624-8657 or Stacy.Anderson@wildlife.ca.gov.


Stacy Anderson

Stacy Anderson, Unit Biologist
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Plumas and Sierra Counties, North Central Region (2)
Phone: 530 624 8657

Submitted: 08/31/22
Article By: Sierra Booster