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Dear Editor;
What a great start to the summer, Sierra Blue Skies! Even real rain, then the Marxist global warming America haters turned on the jet spraying again. How many degrees has the earth raised in the last 100 years? I am sure the Global warmers know the answer to that. What is real, is the jets have been spraying the skies with the OK of the EPA for the past years. We have had the worst drought in years, we have had the worst wildfires in history. Thank God for the month that we were able to enjoy the natural blue skies. One would wonder where America is, California is in the worst shape it has ever been in, how about the homeless, and the public service employees stop the Newsom recall. Now with America in 3rd world status, gas prices and food prices are destroying the working people's budgets, the brain dead that elected the brain dead still are so proud. One wonders what the real swamp is up to!
God Bless America,
Tom Dotta, Rural Loyalton

We love your paper! Keeps us informed with what is going on with friends up there and our place at Graeagle. Much more encouraging than much of what's happening around here!
Gail Moffitt
Moffitt Farms, Biggs, CA

Another convoluted left-wing & inaccurate comment, as seen, Sierra Booster Aug 4th 2022 by McKechine and if he is thru spraying his educational testosterone around, I'll address his last comment first about Reagan. Born 1911, a Hollywood left wing Democrat & FDR to him, was "a true hero.” In 1950 reality set in as did common sense and his realistic side of political beliefs in personal responsibilities & personal achievements and noting, nothing in life is free. FACT: Abridged version, in 1921 colleges & universities in California begin to charge a “remedial fee” not calling it tuition, playing a shell game with words. This 1921 fee/tuition, depending on the institution, average cost, $25 to resident, $75 to out-of-staters. YES, it was a tuition and the financial seed and need of financial prop-up to institutions of higher learning had been planted. FACT: In 1960, “The Created Master Plan” for higher education in California and as yet, they couldn't bring themselves to say tuition, as these institutions still maintained it was still free, especially universities, NOT hardly! Reagan elected Governor of the state 1966, capturing 58% of the votes. FACT: The State was financially floundering as a result, of eight years of Moon Beam Senior (Edmund Gerald "Pat" Brown) who was running for a third term, sound familiar? Reagan very aware of what was happening, costing millions in an unsustainable education system despite the remedial fees beginning in 1921. In his eight years, he did cut state funding for college and universities but laid the foundation for a responsible TUITION-based system calling it what it was in 1921. Reagan knew the state couldn't afford it then and certainly can't afford it now. Reagan faced this spending spree from his predecessor, ergo, unlike Democrats except JFK, who leave a wake of financial destruction/ruin behind them as is Newsom, Biden and the Democrat controlled House, in an ongoing, unsustainable spending spree and climbing National debt ratio. Unlike Newsom, Biden & the House, Reagan with RESERVATION, went for a responsible tax increase and income tax withholding, BUT, Reagan gave a promise to all Californians, and stated “You can't tax a state or nation into prosperity, fairness dictates that government must not raise taxes on families struggling to pay their bills.” His promise gave a return for their tax money, UNLIKE DEMOCRATS, the state became financially stable having kept his promise to all Californians. Reagan's second bid for Governor winning 46 counties out of 58, do the math. FACT: It is the Democrats who have controlled the education system for nearly 100 years, NOT Republicans. These liberals have been indoctrinating, NOT teaching, and now indoctrinate the idea of socialism. You recall that animal skin parchment called the Constitution, “RUT RO” here comes PETA! When is the Constitution being taught, Federal Law requires Schools and Government Agencies to teach U.S. Constitution, when? In schools between grades 4 to 7, and only give the basics of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, little or no history of the framers, and what has been defined as certain important amendments, WHAT, YES! Who determines what is an important amendment, YEP, the teacher. As if any of this limited education of the Constitution is going to stay in those little heads of gray fluff. Democrats don't think, they FEEL, YES, feel that throwing more money at any problem in any system will fix it. As in the past as in the present, this only exasperate the issue to which it was intended to fix, it DOESN'T work. As to McKechine wondering where our future scientist are, depending on what you read about the education system in this country is very questionable, supposedly, the U.S. ranks 1st. Great Britain 2nd followed by Australia & Netherlands. The question that should be asked, what are they teaching? In the U.S., sex education is now one and in four states the LGBT culture & promiscuity is being taught. Both these are issues and many more should be the responsibility of the parent/parents at home, NOT in schools. It's no secret the socialist left, liberal teachers' unions are controlling the education system as are the left wing politicians thinking, YEP, “It still takes that village to raise a child.” This is NOT education, it's indoctrination. It further appears McKechine has a problem with morality, NOT wanting religion in schools as he makes his false claims! NO doubt, McKechine “FEELS” religion is indoctrination, so in his warped micro, micro being the key word “Very small or microscopic” reality, there is no room for God or the teachings of the bible in school, only his and the liberal, socialist, Democratic footprint of indoctri- nation. As to McKechine, I can't imagine anyone being so proud of their institution's reputation of Chico State, being the “World renowned drinking institution” and you wonder why some students can't pay their tuition, WELL, his boisterous statement answers several question's! QUOTE: “If you are not a Liberal at 25, you have no heart, if you are not a Conservative at 35 you have NO brain,” that quote solves the questions about McKechine and that of Democrats in general!
Michael H. Welbourn
Loyalton, CA

I have had so many people ask me “what has happened to America”. Every last one of us knows what has happened to America, it has been taken over by the Marxist that are in power. Now my question is, what are we going to do about it? If there is a glimmer of hope we can all vote this fall and turn it over to America. But, what about the crooked voting machines, what has changed with that? Now President Trump has his home invaded by the FBI. America is under siege with hacking of accounts. The Government could stop this, after all they can watch what you are doing thru your smart TV's, they can record every conversation you have on the air waves, but they do nothing to stop the hacking. Knowing the fake government, we have, it would not surprise one, that the Marxist are using this hacking to gain the money they need to complete their take over of America. Please encourage all to vote and vote for non-Marxist and non-RINO's. This could well be the last chance election!
God Bless America,
Tom Dotta, Rural Loyalton

Hmmmm, seems strange. A twice defeated president who absconds with highly classified documents and TAKES THEM HOME. Jeese, what the heck is going on. Anyone else would be looking through bars. For some reason not Donald Trump. Now if a Dem would have done this the republicans would be wetting their pants trying to have that person put in the slammer. Despite being in power and hounding Hillary Clinton (11 hours before a nasty congressional committee…) the Republicans found nothing. Even after having total power they could not hang anything on Hill. Oh, one other thing they couldn't or wouldn't repeal Obamacare, when they had total power.
What got lost in all these boxes of classified documents that should not have been out of the government hands, is earlier in the same week Donald Trump pleaded the fifth amendment over 400 times before an investigation regarding his business empire. Well, he said “if you're innocent why you taking the 5th amendment”. And then another little ditty which happened last winter was that Mazars, Trumps accounting firm said their work was not reliable because the information given them by the Trump empire could not be trusted.
So how dumb do you have to be to continue to think that Trump and his acolytes should be anywhere near our government? Oh, I forgot about the cult thing.
Don McKechnie
Sierraville and Sparks

Submitted: 08/18/22
Article By: Sierra Booster