Letters to the Editor - Sierra Booster


1. physically weak as from age or sickness. Frail
2. weak intellectually or morally. (a feeble mind)
3. lacking in volume, loudness, brightness, distinctness, etc.
4. Lacking in force, strength or effectiveness (a feeble argument)
1. lacking the normal mental powers
2. (idiot, imbecile, moron)
3. stupid, unintelligent
4. lacking firmness of mind
Fubar: (colloquial)
Feebled up beyond all repair.
Feeble has been used, so that no one is offended.
President Obama sums up all of this, in his advice to all, “Never underestimate Joe's ability to Fubar.”
Fubar has been used to save the reputation of President Obama's offensive remark.
Anyway you see it, it is still the same – Biden is the Mother Feebler in charge!!
Let's go Brandon!

Submitted: 08/01/22
Article By: Sierra Booster