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Clean up your mess!
I took the dog to the rotary Park today for a walk and found two 12 packs of twisted tea cans strewn all over the place. Dudes! There are two count them two trash cans with two, again count them, two places to put the trash in those cans. Can you please throw away your cans?! It's one thing to come down to the rotary Park for your drunken bash but can you at least pick up your mess?! I'm sure your mom at least tried to teach you that when you were younger. Littering is against the law and just a really bad thing to do. You are attracting hornets and wasps to an area where people might be coming to picnic in the shade. It's really cool here under the covered area of picnic tables. Please learn to behave like adults. I don't care what age you are, you need to behave like adults and pick up your mess!
Barbara Hill
East Sierra Valley Chamber of commerce president and concerned Loyalton citizen

Submitted: 07/20/22
Article By: Sierra Booster