Letters to the Editor - Sierra Booster
Letters to the Editor


When you read through the enclosed CNPA Annual Report - the association's first - I hope you are left with two overarching impressions.
The first is how blessed California is to have thousands of journalists who will go the extra mile to keep the flames of democracy burning brightly. Their dedication and courage literally leap out of the photos and stories that are highlighted in the report. And these are but a fraction of the stories our reporters produced in 2021, sometimes in the face of great peril.
The other is how vital local journalism is to our communities. it is one of those assets that we may not miss until it is gone. When it is, bad things happen. Taxes and corruption rise, voter turnout and faith in government decline and the fabric of our common interest frays with mistrust.
Our mission is to prevent these bad things from happening by defending and advancing local journalism. Our report amply showcases the reasons why.
Charles Ford Champion II, President and CEO

Submitted: 04/14/22
Article By: Sierra Booster