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Office of Education Board meeting

April 13, 2022

Janice Buck
Sierra Booster
Loyalton, CA

Dear Editor,
Each time I witness one of our school board meetings I literally have a pronounced jaw dropping experience. It's as if I have left Sierra County and been transported to the most crooked political crowd in the city. Last night we sat through four great interviews as the Board questioned potential appointees. It sickened me to watch how board members discussed and responded afterwards. There was no leadership in the process, only Mike Moore working his behind the back handshakes with Patricia Hall. Each candidate should have been thoughtfully discussed with their pros and cons and quite often a rating system offers unbiased insight after the process. There was none of this, everyone should watch the meeting from the SPJUSD website!
It is well known that the people's choice was Annie Tipton, a generational local with over 10 years of experience in hands on educational settings. Jeremy Miller, another local with experience as an educator and with government agencies, also gave a stellar interview and received a room full of applause. Somehow, though, a random parent whom I've not seen at any other board meetings was voted in to fill the seat. When questioned, Mike Moore replied his reasoning was simply because he liked that Tom Mooers had experience with Boards (a non-profit Tahoe conservation group in Nevada City). This was a BS excuse from Mike as usual since Annie Tipton also has extensive experience on local boards- and ones that involve children. I could list her accomplishments on these boards but it would take up another page. Annie has sat on over six local boards from a young age and is well known for being very active in Sierra County when it comes to children and the education we value in our communities. It was clearly a political choice for Mike and not a decision about our children. Mike has continuously shown that he is unable to set aside his political views when it comes to public education and this is exactly what has gone awry in the education system that we are fighting to correct.
Two-faced Patty Hall tells us she felt it was a decision regarding “representation.” I'm sorry but a random supplant from Nevada City, who is actually from the Bay Area as we can all tell, and went to school in Los Angeles could not be any further from being viable representation of Sierra County- the second smallest County in California. Everyone that grew up in Sierra County and went to school here, like Annie, has very strong bonds to the west side of the county and its residents no matter where they live now. We all know this, it is bred into them. Added bonus- Annie has even been a teacher in Downieville, how cool! Can one get any more qualified to join our school board?
When I say two-faced about Patty, I really mean it. I have given her the benefit of the doubt and really tried to believe her but her actions speak louder than her words. She will cry about the puppies and tell you how it is horrible that they are being tortured but then will immediately vote to continue their torture. Mike Moore will just blatantly tell you that the torture is for their own good! If Patty had any integrity at all she would have the people's full support, and we are capable of offering an insurmountable amount of such support to those we believe in. She may have been good for the Board at one point, but sadly long gone are those days.
I continue to be more disappointed in Sierra County Office of Education's leadership with the passing of each Board meeting. Mike Moore and Patricia Hall are political parasites in our District who are using our children as game pieces. I look forward to a landslide election when we have the power of the people's vote to purge these parasites from our education system.
Kelly Champion

Submitted: 04/13/22
Article By: Sierra Booster