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Letters to the Editor

Use of CBD oil in dogs


I see on your website you link to a resource about the use of CBD oil in dogs. With more owners interested in using cannabis on their pups, we recently updated our comprehensive CBD guide that breaks down the legal uses of cannabinoids, how it compares to THC, and vet recommendations for product usage. I've found that many dog owners may be putting their pups at risk with misuse of CBD products.

Our guide details the dangers of CBD oil on dogs and can help better inform people on which products are safe!

Here it is: https://betterpet.com/dogs-and-cbd/

Would you consider adding a link to it from your page here: https://www.sierrabooster.com/latest-news/paws-pandemics-expert-predicts-a-rapid-increase-in-abandoned-pets-in-california

Looking forward to your thoughts,


Dr. Leslie Brooks DVM, MPH
Vet Advisor @ betterpet

Submitted: 03/28/22
Article By: Sierra Booster