Letters to the Editor - Sierra Booster
Letters to the Editor

Maiden, Princess = young woman.

Maiden, Princess = young woman. Squaw = older/old woman. And🤭, Babe, Honey, Sweet Thing, etc. = young woman. Old Lady, 'ol lady, etc. = older/old woman. We most certainly can find some derogatory uses for each of these words.
Are we going to change all the names "Karen", because there's a derogatory attitude and insult lodged against it now? You're not going to be able to say "there goes an old lady" anymore? The "Old Lady Emporium" has to change its name to The "Mature Woman Store"?
We all know names that are patently offensive (I won't state any of them here), and that should not be used, but this P. C. thing is being carried too far. Changing the names of the Robert E. Lee Parkway, and (our local) Jim Crow Canyon/creek/road, because presently, they may have become offensive to the "new sensitivities", is bullshit of the highest order😑
If you have the time, to digest this/these excuse(s) to change Squaw Valley to "Palisades", it's an exercise...


Submitted: 09/19/21
Article By: Sierra Booster