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Letters to the Editor

7/22/21 Letters

Dear Editor:
Despite the actions of our dear leader, Donald Trump, the legitimate President of the United States, who was vaccinated at the White House long with his wife in January 2021, I have no plans to get vaccinated against COVID. Here's why.
First of all, Joe Biden has gotten 172 million people (67% of US adults) vaccinated in six months and not charged them a single dime. Isn't that an example of government providing its people something for nothing? A government benefit with not cost - isn't that what we call SOCIALISM?
I believe Biden is using vaccinations to get his foot in the door so he can cram more socialist programs down our throats - e.g., tax exemptions for all those families making less than $75,000 a year, progress toward universal healthcare, credits for having children, unstacking McConnells's Supreme Court, restoring majority rule in the Senate, snatching our guns, and free education for life like European citizens enjoy.
I will not give Joe Biden or his version of socialism a win. I am very glad not a single Republican in the House and Senate voted for the COVID vaccination program, the tax cuts for working families, or any of Biden's other socialist agenda. Socialism is repugnant to Americans and choosing not to get vaccinated is part of our patriotic struggle against it here in the greatest country on earth.
Secondly, to steal a slogan from the pro-choice and women's movements of the 1960's and 1070's, when it comes to vaccinations: it's My Body; It's My Choice! Rest assured, despite my professed belief in small government, I do believe the government has a right, if not the obligation, to tell weomen when life begins and I do believe it can tell women what to do with their bodies when it's a matter of life and death.
COVID is not such an issue and I think the slogan of pro-abortionists appropriately expresses my vaccine choice and should be resurrected. The slogan is about individual liberty guaranteed by the Constitution - and that's something neither pregnant women nor terrorists, foreign or domestic, are entitled to. The Supreme Court is about to formally agree with me.
Third, I am anti-choice and believe the vaccines are derived from a stem cell strain aborted in 1973. Benefiting from abortion in any way is hypocritical and against my moral and religious beliefs.
I also believe the virus was invented in Wuhan China, by Xi Jinping with the encouragement of Vladimir Putin, as a political weapon to unseat Trump and cause chaos. It may have been more successful than the inventors could have imagined! But I am more afraid of being a victim of a domestic-terrorism incident in America than dying from COVID. I don't know which has the higher probability - contracting COVID or dying from a gun massacre in say Walmart - but I do know that when you get vaccinated, my risk of contraction does down. So I'm content to depend on liberals to do the right thing and I will let them take all the downside risks, if any, from a vaccine.
Now, liberals will accuse me of being stupid and suggest denying me healthcare and anyone else choosing voluntary exposure to COVID. Well, I say to them, you can't fix stupid can you? You can't fix selfish either, certainly not with legislation or a vaccine police. So I suggest you just move on and get over it.
Isaac Thomas Hink

I grew up in Loyalton several decades ago and have
recently returned to live in the same house.
At all times back then there was the constant
drone of the sawmill and associated noise produced by the various equipment needed to feed and run that mill. Never in any place I have ever lived, including Sacramento, have I heard the constant, loud noise that, once daylight came, I was able to associate with two cattle trucks that had arrived near midnight of 7/13. Unable to sleep, I had to close the windows of my house. The drivers, as instructed by the people who hired them, had parked parallel to the railroad tracks near Highway 49. This is fine with me and, obviously, necessary due to the size of their rigs. The problem? The drivers left their engines on all night in order to run their air conditioners. When queried just after sunrise the following morning, the drivers indicated that they had no idea that they were parked in a residential area. They obviously didn't know that they could have shut their trucks down, opened their sleeper windows, enjoyed the quiet and our overnight cool air. Perhaps this fact could have been mentioned to them by the firm who hired them?.
In looking at the Loyalton website on the net, I could not find where the town has any type of noise ordinance in place. This seems appropriate as I doubt if the issue of loud noise at night rarely ever arises but, it did last night. I've witnessed the respectful, virtually, noiseless response of our town's emergency agencies at night and am hopeful that others would do the same. Please publish my observation as I feel that any enterprise that requires the use of large trucks needs to know that those units need to be shut down during the overnight hours. Trucks associated with our cogen plant whose drivers overnight do and so should others. Maybe no noise ordinance is needed but, common courtesy towards Loyalton's residents suggests that drivers follow this practice.
Lee May, Loyalton, CA

Submitted: 07/24/21
Article By: Sierra Booster