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Auction, Appliances
Auction Items - Kitchen & Large Appliances
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Auction, Baskets
Auction Items - Gift Baskets
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Auction, Certificate
Auction Item - Gift Certificates
Retail gift certificates of varying denominations will assist our silent auction to raise money for scholarships.
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Auction, General Ite
Auction Items - General Item

We have an auction we are planning and would like items for a silent auction to raise money for our scholarship program. This area is for general auction items that may not be listed elsewhere.
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Auction, Hardware
Auction Items - Hardware & Equipment
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Auction, Home Servic
Auction Item - Home Services
Donations of home services such as carpet cleaning, house cleaning, landscaping, and general contract work would be a huge benefit to our silent auction.
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Auction, Medi
Auction Items - Medical & Dental Services
These are wonderful auction items and we would be so grateful to receive them to raise money for scholarships.
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Auction, Music Memor
Auction Item - Music Memorabilia
These items will be included in our silent auction to raise money for our scholarship program.
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Auction, Restaurant
Auction Items - Restaurant Vouchers
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Auction, Sports Memo
Auction Items - Sports Memorabilia
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Auction, Vacations
Auction Item - Vacations
Items such as vacations, cruises, hotel stays, airfare and car rentals would be beneficial to our silent auction to raise money for scholarships.
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Media Support - Bill
Media Support - Billboard Advertising
Support Successful Women of Central Valley with billboard advertising. This donation will serve a dual purpose of fundraising and community awareness.
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Media Support - Radi
Media Support - Radio Advertising
Please support SWCV with radio advertising. This donation will help in two ways: 1. with fundraising and 2. with community awareness/visibility.
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Operations, Office
It would be great if we could gain some office space to help us get established with a brick and mortar location, preferably in Merced or Modesto, California.
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Operations, Postage
Postage, paper, thank you cards, and stationary supplies
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Raffle, Concert & Ev
Raffle Items - Concert & Event Tickets
Everyone loves a great concert, comedy show, play, or event. These are great items to include in our raffle that is conducted to raise money for scholarship funds.
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Raffle, Spa Treatmen
Raffle Items - Spa Treatments
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Services, Catering &
(12 Needed)
($1400.00 each)
Services - Catering & Beverages
We have monthly networking mixers of approximately 100 women. It would be very helpful to gain catering support for the events. We are hoping to gain support for the next 12 months.
What access do you have to special experiences? An afternoon on your private yacht? Two hours on your private jet? A signed television script (you know someone who works at the studio)? Chance to be a bat girl at spring training (you are a season ticket holder and/or know the team owner)? Chance to play hoops with a team member? Free or VIP parking somewhere? Impossible-to-get restaurant reservations? A winery tour and lunch with the vintner?
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Who do you know who might do something wild and crazy like shave their head or beard, go bungee jumping in a tutu, or wear opposing team colors for the right bid?
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Who do you know that is fun/interesting to hang out with? Can you offer a morning in the Mayors office? Dinner with the local newscaster? An afternoon shopping with a professional buyer? A nature walk with a forest ranger? A day-long shadow with a veterinarian. And do not forget about lunch or dinner with your own E.D., Chief of Staff, Symphony Director, Head of School, etc.
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